Save Money on Your ADHD Prescriptions

Within the past year, millions of Americans have been affected by rising drug prices. This can be a result from changes in your insurance coverage, product shortages, or simply because manufacturers may have no competitors selling the medication.

People without insurance coverage or those whose insurance reduces or stops coverage completely will be affected by increasing drug costs. While the costs of your Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications can be frustrating, there are many ways you could reduce the sting of high ADHD prescription drug costs. Here are some tips for getting the best prescription drug prices.

Shop around
There can be significant variations in the price of a drug between retailers in the same area. For example, 60 tablets of Adderall could range from $46.28 at CVS to $63.77 at Walgreens nearby. Call your local pharmacies to compare prices in order to find the better deal. Some stores offer their own discount programs to lower the price of your prescriptions but be aware that many of these offers come with additional fees.

Go generic
Regardless of which store or pharmacy you go to, simply choosing the generic version of a brand-name ADHD drug can save you money, as much as 90 percent in some cases. Talk to your doctor about prescribing lower-cost alternatives in the same class of drugs. If your insurance reduces or drops your drug coverage, your doctor can appeal to your insurance company for an exception, meaning you will be getting the same medicine at a fraction of the cost.

Split your medication
Ask your doctor for a double-strength prescription, then take half of the dose. Not all medications double in price with double doses. By splitting your medication, you still get the benefit of the drug but also save money. Make sure the pill is designed to be splittable (scored down the middle). If it isn't obviously splittable, check with your pharmacist first.

Review your Part D plan.
While it can be a hassle, review your Medicare Part D plan every year during the Medicare open enrollment period (in the Fall). Compare plans based on total cost and factor in the cost of your drugs in each plan. Reviewing and switching Part D plans could save you a significant amount of money.

Use free ADHD prescription coupons!
By far the easiest way to save on your ADHD drugs is to simply get a free drug savings coupon available at ADHDSavings is a prescription assistance program that provides free pharmacy savings coupons to everyone. Simply bring your free ADHD drug coupon to your local pharmacy and save up to 75% on your prescriptions. Both brand and generic ADHD medications are eligible for these discounts and the coupons are accepted nationwide. No personal information is required or collected. These coupons can be used to supplement most health insurance plans and can also be used as a Medicare Part D supplement by providing discounts on medications that are not covered.